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Care Home Docs by Xenolyth - Online Care Management Software – The Ultimate Care Plan Creator

Care Home Docs

Our product development team is made up of technical experts well versed in using the latest web-based tools and systems, and people with years of experience in running highly successful individual care homes and large groups.

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Welcome to Care Home Docs

Are you battling to keep up with care home paperwork systems, while providing top quality, person-centred care?

Care Home Docs is a dynamic, web-based system that provides all the documents and forms needed to manage an efficient, compliant care home - leaving you free to concentrate on providing care.

More than 760 customisable forms are available, and you can even add in your own bespoke forms.

Changes are automatically indexed through the whole system and updated forms are generated for storing in your paper manuals, while the change history is securely stored for access when you need it.

Because Care Home Docs is web-based, there is no need for a big investment in hardware and software.

Designed by care home experts and centred around care plans, Care Home Docs is ideal for single care homes or groups and can be used on its own, or linked with Xenolyth, our web-based care home management system.

  • Feature rich
  • Flexible, modular approach
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic updates with expert support
  • Web-based
  • Ideal for single homes, or large groups
  • Flat monthly fee, with no hidden extras
  • World-leading Microsoft encryption and security